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The Highland Middle School Students in Physical Education,Sports Performance, and Athletics will be running a weekly mile. A pre milewill be ran to use as a beginning performance time for each student. We willuse this first time as a (time to beat) for three weeks, the three weeks willthen be averaged to get a new mile time to beat, this will continue until themile time becomes very consistent. When a student gets to a time that is consistenta collaboration between the teacher and the individual student will decide thetime to beat for the student. Lost points can be made up by re-running the mileand beating the mile time with in 2 days. If the student is absent on a mileday this mile needs to be made up within 2 days, if the absence is unexcusedthe student will receive a zero. These times will be placed on a chart in thegym. Grading for the mile is as follows:

The base time is twelve minutes for the mile.

100- for each student that beats their time.

80- for each student that is within 5 seconds of their time.

70- for each student that is within 10 seconds of their time.

60- for each student that is within 15 seconds of their time.

50- for each student that does not make their time within 15seconds.


At any time, a student that loses points for any reason mayask their teacher what they can do to make up their points.



ThePhysical Education Staff at Highland Middle School

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