We are now busy preparing students for the 2nd 9-Weeks exam in all classes. The schedule listed below is for all grade levels.

WEEK OF December 8-12, 2014: 6th, 7th & 8th grades

Social Studies
Grades 6th, 7th,
& 8th

Monday, 12-8

(I will be able to… )

Begin to gather information on lessons learned during the 9-Week session of October 16-December 12 in preparation of 9-Weeks exam.

Teacher Activities

(The teacher will…)

1. introduce different sections of information for students to study daily

2. guide student learning, pausing to ask questions, checking for comprehension.

3. lead discussion on which areas of information students will need to know for upcoming exam.

Student Activities

(The students will…)

1. Students will copy daily Objectives/Assignment from whiteboard

2. research and review new information distributed daily by teacher

3. use previous lessons to obtain answers to questions

4. participate in teacher-led class discussion (section reviews)

Key terms



A History of New Mexico textbook; student notes; teacher PPT presentation

Daily Assessment

Student observation; note checks


Students with IEP's or struggling students will sit close to teacher, will be given repeated differentiated instructions, and will have extended time to complete assignments. Inclusion teacher will help all students who need assistance. Gen. & inclusion teachers will collaborate to modify SPED students' assignment



6th Grade

II-B.6-3: Explain the physical and human characteristics of places and use this knowledge to define regions, their relationships with other regions, and their patterns of changes: identify a region by its formal, functional, or perceived characteristics.

7th Grade

I.A.2- describe the characteristics of other indigenous peoples that had an effect upon NM's development, including nomadic bands, the development of their tools, adaptation to the environments, and domestication of plants and animals.

I.A.5- explain how New Mexicans have adapted to their physical environments, to meet their needs over time including living in the desert, control over water sources, and use of natural resources

II.D.3- explain how ecosystems influenced settlements and societies

8th Grade

I:B.1- Students will be able to describe, evaluate, and interpret the economic and political reasons for the American Revolution, to include:

1. attempts to regulate colonial trade through passage of Tea Act, Stamp Act, and Intolerable Acts;

2. colonists' reaction to British policy (boycotts, Sons of Liberty, petitions, appeals to Parliament)

III:C.1-describe political philosophies and concepts of government that became the foundation for the American Revolution and the United States government, to include:

1. concept of limited government and the rule of law established in the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights,

2. characteristics of representative governments





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