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Highland Middle School Sports Performance/Athletic Class

The pedagogical practice of a complete body workout, along with cardiovascular endurance, improved quickness, speed, agility, and strength. This could consist of an exercise routine based on strengthening, a core workout, an aerobic activity such as running or jump rope and an extensive weight program developed for each student. This will give students the knowledge they need for a lifetime of fitness. Instruction provided and participation will enhance learning for future uses and give each student the proof of accomplishment for their hard work. Daily improvement proves positive for future work.

To work together safely as a team during our weight training class, to become healthy and strong. We will learn to lift weights, complete a full body workout, and improve cardiovascular endurance by listening and performing with help from my peers and my teacher.

Learning goal
This year all of Highland sports performance students (100%) will demonstrate improvement in many weight training areas and proficiency in cardiovascular endurance as measured by our skill assessment that we will do every nine weeks during the school year.

Sequence of events
Cover the rules and regulations of sports performance in detail, thoroughly discussing the expectations of the class.
Give out the locks and lockers to be used during the class

Modifications/Differentiated Instruction-Bilingual, ELL, SpEd, etc.
Use of bilingual terms listed in the red book.
Having bilingual students use a peer to explain the directions given from the teacher.
Observation of demonstration from the teacher and peers.
Using skilled students to help those with lower skills.
Self-paced running/Individual mile times and improvements.
Students with special needs will receive daily monitoring and repetitive instructions.

Grades based on skill level and participation.

The student will have knowledge of the expectations in this class.

A signed contract by the parent or guardian on the expectations of the class.

Pre-Test for sports performance

Sit-ups, one minute
Push-ups, 30 seconds
Shuttle Run
Broad Jump
Mile run timed
2-Mile run timed (8th Graders) Starting in January
Max on lifting stations

This is not a contest; it is to measure the physical ability of the student coming into the school year.

The student will have an idea of their physical ability and know what improvements will meet their needs.

An evaluation will be assessed every nine weeks.

Standards and Benchmarks

Standard 3 Benchmark 1
Be able to set personal physical activity goals and participate in individualized programs of physical activity and exercise.
Standard 4 Benchmark 2
Assess personal fitness status within each health-related physical fitness components.


The students will be involved in a consistent program in which a full body workout will be determined daily.
This class is athletically bound and will consist of weight training, cardiovascular activity, gym ball, aerobics, plyometrics, and agility. The idea behind the class is to give each student the opportunity to maintain his or her own workout with the supervision of an adult.


Develop and maintain good posture
Develop agility, strength, endurance, and coordination
Develop and understanding of the importance of exercise
Develop self-disciplinary values
Learn exercises useful throughout life as conditioning or keeping fit
Develop cardiovascular strength and endurance
Train with consistency
Develop the total body for all sports
Set goals for their minds and their health
Develop clear and concise methods for spotting a lifter
Develop and practice safety protocol at all times in the weight room

Weight Room Workout

Alternating weeks
Heavy week-3 sets 10, 8, 6, Reps using 70% of Max
Light week-3 sets 20, 15, 10, Reps using 50% of Max
Sit-ups 50 on Machine with a weight ball, or 50 with a chair and a weight ball
Push-ups, Walking across the gym floor
Dummy Jumps-3 sets of 20
Bands, 3 sets with a burnout
Tri-cep Dips, small stand, 10 legs together, 10 legs apart, 10 legs apart
Big Stand jumps, 20
Tri-cep machine, leg lifts, 10 start with knees bent, move from the middle up and down to the left then the right
Bench Jumps, 3 sets, down and back using 4 benches
Lunges, Gym floor, down and back, forward, backward, side squats, and angle
Pull-ups, 3 sets of as many as you can do

Lifting Stations
Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Hack Squats
Leg Press/Calf Raises
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Pull Downs forward and reverse
Bicep Curls

Daily Run as per the teacher

Gym Workouts

Plyometric, agility, and aerobic stations
Speed Ladder
Medicine Ball Abs
Box Jumps
4 Corners, shuffle
Jump Rope
Gym Ball
Cross fit ropes
2 Cone Drill
Quick Feet Drills
High Knees over the football pads
Quick Feet Shuffle Drill
Aerobic Videos as needed

Mile Run
Timed and charted every week

2-Mile Run weekly for the 8th Graders starting in January

Running Objectives
Acquire General Knowledge of the Sport
Know the Rules of the Sport
Develop a Competitive, Team Oriented Attitude
Develop and Maintain Good Posture
Develop Agility, Strength, Endurance, and Coordination
Develop an Understanding of the Importance of Exercise
Develop Self Disciplinary Values
Learn Exercises Useful throughout life as conditioning or keeping fit
Develop Cardiovascular Strength and Endurance

Learning Styles/Differentiated instruction
Intrapersonal-individual work and improvement of skills and daily running.
Kinesthetic-awareness of the body and the need for a healthy lifestyle.
Visual-by demonstration and through peer critics and compliments.
Verbal-reminders to perfect skills through daily work.

Instructional Strategies:
Direct instruction- Class Mission, exercises, running, and Weight Training
Cooperative learning-Teacher spotting, peer critic

Success Criteria
Peer compliments on student activity and exercises.
Strength Improvement Charts
Mile Charts
Nine week evaluations.     

Discipline and Class Management
Each student will learn to lead and manage the class while assessing skills as the students go through the daily routine.
Students will respect not only the equipment involved but also respect the students involved in the activities surrounding each student.
Safety will be constantly reiterated.

Daily assessment
Points for Suiting Out and Participation.
Peer critic and compliments.

Students will take a written test over safety.
Run the mile weekly for increased fitness and lower times.
Skills/Lifting Tests
Re Max
Partner Lifting with Critics and Compliments


Weight Room
Gym Balls
Weight Machines
Free Weights
Stop Watches
Mens Fitness
Muscle and Health
Exercise Fitness for Kids

Standards and Benchmarks
Standard 1 Benchmark 1
Demonstrate proficiency in combining basic skills for participating in a variety of physical fitness activities.
Standard 2 Benchmark 1
Demonstrate competency in the use of the concepts of body, effort, space and relationships in movement.
Standard 2 Benchmark 2
Demonstrate competency in the use of motor skills, motor behaviors, and motor learning concepts in increasingly complex movement situations.
Standard 2 Benchmark 3
Demonstrate competency in the use of critical elements of fundamental and specialized movement skills.
Standard 3 Benchmark 1
Be able to set personal activity goals and participate in individualized programs of physical activity and exercise.
Standard 3 Benchmark 2
Determine long-term benefits that may result from regular participation in physical activity.
Standard 4 Benchmark 1
Participate In physical activities that address each health-related physical fitness component.
Standard 4 Benchmark 2
Assess personal fitness status within each health-related physical fitness component.
Standard 4 Benchmark 3
Interpret the results of physical fitness assessments and use this information to develop individualized physical fitness goals with guidance of a teacher.
Standard 4 Benchmark 4
Evaluate the effectiveness of exercise and other factors to obtain personal fitness goals.
Standard 5 Benchmark 1
Select and utilize safety principles in physical activity settings.
Standard 5 Benchmark 2
Exhibit appropriate personal and group conduct while engaging in physical activity.
Standard 5 Benchmark 3
Recognize the influence of peer pressure and make appropriate decisions using problem-solving techniques to resolve a conflict.
Standard 5 Benchmark 4
Work cooperatively with a group to achieve group goals.
Standard 7 Benchmark 1
Participate in a physical activity.
Standard 7 Benchmark 2
Participate in new and challenging physical activities.
Standard 7 Benchmark 3
Identify the social benefits of participation in physical activity. 

Main objective for weight training: 

Your Choice, Your Effort, Your Results!!

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