The Young Traveler's Gift VOCABULARY & VIDEOS

You will find the vocabulary words and definitions  for
The Young Traveler's Gift below:

Chapters 1 & 2 VOCABULARY LIST

excruciating (p.1) ACTUAL DEF: agonizing, terrible, unbearable

terse (p. 1) ACTUAL DEF: abrupt, short, brief

endangerment (p. 2, 16) ACTUAL DEF: to put somebody or something at risk

liability (p. 7) ACTUAL DEF: legal responsibility

optimistic (p. 8) ACTUAL DEF: hopeful, positive, confident

prognisis (p. 9) ACTUAL DEF: diagnosis, prediction

designated (p. 9) ACTUAL DEF: chosen, selected

delinquent (p. 11) ACTUAL DEF: criminal

trauma (p. 12) ACTUAL DEF: shock, suffering

pending (p. 16) ACTUAL DEF: awaiting

embankment (p. 18) ACTUAL DEF: edge, guard wall




contrasted (p. 19) ACTUAL DEF: marked difference; effect created by placing different things next to each other

vague (p. 24) ACTUAL DEF: not precise; unclear

enunciated (p. 24) ACTUAL DEF: speak or state clearly

apostle (p. 25) ACTUAL DEF: disciple; follower

ample (p. 43) ACTUAL DEF: plenty; more than enough


From “Atomic Bomb-Truman Press Release-August 6, 1945”

 Abruptly - suddenly without warning

 Detonated - set off

 Advent -beginning

 Instituted - going on                                           

 Alternatives - choices

 Ceased -  stopped                                   

 Integral - something important and regular

 Unconditionally - Without conditions            

Instantaneously - immediately, at once                     




stunned (p. 37) ACTUAL DEF: shock somebody

murmured (p. 40) ACTUAL DEF: something said quietly

despair (p. 41) ACTUAL DEF: misery, hopelessness

fluently (p. 43) ACTUAL DEF: smoothly, effortlessly

astonishment (p. 43) ACTUAL DEF: surprise, amazement

disarray (p. 46) ACTUAL DEF: confusion, disorder

tolerate (p. 47) ACTUAL DEF: stand; put up with

bombard (p. 50) ACTUAL DEF: attack; open fire on



gruesome (p. 54) ACTUAL DEF: ghastly, horrible

civil (p. 55,56)  ACTUAL DEF: social; public **What kind of figurative language is “Civil War”?** OXYMORON – two words side by side with seemingly opposite meanings  

prompted (p. 58) ACTUAL DEF: encouraged

forfeited (p. 59) ACTUAL DEF: give something up

tactics (p. 61) ACTUAL DEF: plans; strategy

retreat (p. 62) ACTUAL DEF: move back; back away

indecisive (p. 69) ACTUAL DEF: unable to make up your mind; uncertain

idle (p. 69) ACTUAL DEF: inactive; at rest




stout (p. 74) ACTUAL DEF: sturdy, strong

convictions (p. 77) ACTUAL DEF: firmly held belief

consensus (p. 78) ACTUAL DEF: agreement

tentative (p. 82) ACTUAL DEF: hesitant; cautious

passionate (p. 82) ACTUAL DEF: obsessive; fanatical

procrastinate (p. 83) ACTUAL DEF: put off; delay, postpone






muffled (p. 85 ) ACTUAL DEF: quiet, hushed

shrugged (p. 91 ) ACTUAL DEF: raise and drop shoulders briefly

meager (p. 93) ACTUAL DEF: not enough, too little

potent (p. 99) ACTUAL DEF: powerful, strong

annex (p. 88) ACTUAL DEF: auxiliary or secondary building

censored (p. 91) ACTUAL DEF: suppressed, covered up

unattainable (p. 98) ACTUAL DEF: impossible, beyond one’s reach



contemplating (p. 103) ACTUAL DEF: consider something; look at something thoughtfully

stammer (p. 105) ACTUAL DEF: stutter; hesitate

pursued (p. 107) ACTUAL DEF: carry something out

bestow (p. 122) ACTUAL DEF: give

hoarded (p. 122) ACTUAL DEF: to collect and store often secretly

assurance (p. 122) ACTUAL DEF: pledge, oath, promise

seethed (p. 122) ACTUAL DEF: be in a state of extreme unexpressed emotion

nurture (p. 122) ACTUAL DEF: look after; care for 



renders (p. 130) ACTUAL DEF: put somebody or something in a particular state

circumstances (p. 131) ACTUAL DEF: situation, conditions

dispensation (p. 132) ACTUAL DEF: consideration, priviledge

regenerate (p. 133) ACTUAL DEF: restore, revive

calamity (p. 136) ACTUAL DEF: disaster, tragedy

dissolution (p. 137) ACTUAL DEF: disbanding,termination

arrogance (p. 139) ACTUAL DEF: conceit, pride

persist (p. 142) ACTUAL DEF: persevere, continue

precursor (p. 142) ACTUAL DEF: forerunner, predecessor



VOCABULARY LIST Chapters 10 & 11

literary (p. 146) ACTUAL DEF: relating to literature

inaudible (p. 151) ACTUAL DEF: muffled,too quiet

concussion (p. 152 ) ACTUAL DEF: brain injury caused by a blow to the head.

regal (p. 155) ACTUAL DEF: royal, majestic




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