Essential Question: How did exploration and settlement of North American by European nations impact the established cultures?

  • Early North American Cultures 8-17-18
    • Identify pre-Columbian American Indian Culture and regions in which they lived
    • Describe the cultures of American Indian groups in different regions in North America
    • Evaluate the effects of Physical geography and natural resources on the development of early American Indian Cultures
  • Spanish Exploration 8-19-20
    • Examine Spain’s religious and economic motivation for colonizing he Americans
    • Describe the conquistador’s campaigns to defeat the Aztec and Inca empires
    • Identify Spain’s efforts to spread Catholicism and Spanish culture through the Americas
  • American Indians of the East Coast 8-21
    • Locate and identify major American Indian cultures in eastern North American
    • Compare and contrast the systems of government created by Eastern American Indian Cultures
  • English Exploration 8- 24
    • Describe the reason for the failure of early English Settlements
    • Identify the goals of the Virginia Company
    • Evaluate the successes and failures of Jamestown
  • French and Dutch Exploration 8- 25-26
    • Examine the reasons for early French exploration of the Americas, including the voyages of Verrazano and Cartier
    • Describe the importance of the fur trade, farming, and the Mississippi River to the establishment of New France


  • Life in the Colonies 8-27-28
    • Compare the economic, political, and social characteristics of New England, middle and southern colonies
    • Explain the role of salutary neglect in the development of colonial political systems
    • Describe the significance of the Great Awakening
  • The Growth of Slavery 8-31
  • Explain the causes of the shift from indentured servitude to slavery in the colonies
  • Outline the evolution of slave codes in the colonies
  • Compare the nature of slavery in the southern, middle and New England colonies


UNIT TEST 9-1-20

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